Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our trip to Holland (7)

Behind where my parents live. I spent many hours playing here when I was a kid!

 On Saturday, May 5th, we went to Plaswijckpark, where they have a playground, small zoo and a traffic park all in one!

Never too old for the sister and brother.

Of course we all had to have a turn on this...

 My sisters
On the train in the park

And again...

Petting zoo!

 Another beautiful bird...
 Big apes (vincent & Cees)!

Cute otter!

 We saved the best for last...the kids loved this!

Waiting in line for his second turn...
 Love her face!
 Brave little Rick!
 Family pictures! As you can see, it was impossible to get one picture with everyone looking normal!

On Sunday, we went to my old church in The Hague, Crossroads.
Afterwards, we paid un (unexpected) visit to my cousin Patricia, who had just had a baby (Roan) a couple of weeks earlier.
 Awww...almost makes me want to have another one. I said 'almost' ;-)
A present from Oma!
 Dinosaur stickers and Tow-Truck Pluck (English translation of a famous Dutch children's book, Pluk van de Petteflet).
 Then Gabriel and Ruben got a hold of my camera...
  My Dad used to do this with us when we were little (letting us stand on his feet while he walked)!
Monday, May 7th: time to go back home! At Schiphol airport...

Cool wing - lots of engines! It was a beautiful new plane and it was only about 10-15% full!
 Yummy kid's meal. We love flying KLM! was a long flight but he did great!

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